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He who does not know can know from learning. (Ashanti adinkra symbol)



Ashanti home page http://www.ashanti.com.au/pb/wp_8078438f.html

Ghana home page http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/tribes/ashanti.php

Adinkra Symbols http://www.welltempered.net/adinkra/

Twi drum language http://www.philtulga.com/Drum%20Language.html 




African Ceremonies / Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher; Harry N. Abrams, Inc. , c 1999

Volume 1, p. 373-375


Name Ashanti, Asante 
Location Ghana
Population 7,000,000 (currently) 
Language Asante
Type of Culture Industrial. Primary source of power was trading in gold and slaves.
Timeline The Ashanti are believed to have moved south from the Kingdom of Ghana to Bono Manso in Brong Ahafo region of Ghana then further south to the Ashanti region. Asantemanso, near Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti region of Ghana, was large city-state from since 800 AD.
  • Between the 11th and the 13th centuries, Ashanti settled in this area.
  • 1670 the Ashanti empire was founded
  • Mining and trading in gold & slaves
  • 1801 to 1824 was the height of the empire. They ruled all of Ghana and more.
  • Then a series of Anglo-Asante wars ensued (one led by an Ashanti woman).
  • 1902 The British annexed their lands
  • Independence in 1957. Previously called Gold Coast but now Ghana.
  •  Language:  Asante, TWI. Use many proverbs. Use a Linguist to assist in communications between people.
  • Marriage:  May be polygamous. The mother’s clan is most important
Current status Ghana is a developing country.

Live in the forest region. They are the largest ethnic group in Ghana. They are 14% of the population.

The village is still important. The king is ceremonial.

Farmers grow cocoa (Ghana’s chief export). Mining, forestry and government jobs are also jobs they hold.

Now they are Christian or Muslim. Royalty follows the Asante old religion. That had spiritual and supernatural elements. Plants and animals had souls and there were also fairies and witches.

The Golden Stool has a magical history and was put in hiding for many years. There are many stories about it. It symbolizes their culture and proves the rights of their royalty.

The current president of Ghana is Ashanti. They are now more nationalistic than tribal.

Artwork most prevalent

Gold work is the most beautiful in Africa

Weaving—Kente cloth (men only)

Printing--adinkra cloth (Symbols)

Pottery (women) 

Artwork's distinguishing characteristics They use symbols of proverbs through color and design motif. 
Traditional foods Plaintain, maize, cassava, cocoyam, yam


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